What makes Flora’s cultivation different from the rest?

Lowest production costs in the world

Building the largest scale CBD production in the world (247 acres)


Colombia-branded products

12.8 daily hrs of natural light, 365 days of the year; power costs: $0

Six natural spring water deposits on site: cost $0

Constant wind, avging 3 mph, decreases incidence of plant-harming pathogens

Long-term monthly lease of only US$11.7 per acre with purchase option available.

First sales expected after Q2 2020

Organic certification and certification of good agricultural practices are currently in progress

Flora’s operations are strategically located in Giron, Santander and benefit significantly from the location’s ideal conditions for growing cannabis

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Facts About Our Asset in Giron, Bucaramanga

Farm Name: Cantalavieja
Location: Giron, 20 miles from the Bucaramanga International Airport
Altitude: 4,760 feet
Temperature: 63-77 degrees f.
Relative humidity: 85-90%

Wind: 3 mph
Precipitation: 35 inches per year
Water sources: 6 water springs
Soil type: Clay loam soils, acid tendency
Luminosity: avg 14,642 lux, max 126,600 lux

2019 Pilot Program Successfully Launched

Workers in a field

In 2019, Flora launched its initial pilot program, planting 4.94 acres (2 hectares) of 12 varieties of non-psychoactive cannabis 

The pilot program confirmed the following:

Workers in a greenhouse

Fully Licensed for Large Scale Cultivation

Fully licensed to cultivate non-psychoactive cannabis

Large Scale Cultivation

Flora is fully licensed to cultivate 247 acres (100 hectares) of non-psychoactive cannabis in Giron, Santander

Rights to an additional 5,268 acres (2,132 hectares) in Puerto Boyacá, Santander, to increase scale of its cultivation

All Natural and Organic

Flora is the only cannabis company in Colombia that has a totally organic crop which allows us to serve the medical, cosmetic and food & beverage markets with cannabis oils and derivative products that are all natural and produced with the highest quality standards

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