Flora has signed a letter of intent to acquire a 90% interest in Kasa Wholefoods (Owner of Mambe).

Mambe produces beverages, food and juices responsibly sourced from exotic fruits of the Amazon.

Products include:

Mambe Juice products
Rapidly growing and socially responsible brand

100% made with natural, organic fruit and do not contain additives. 100% Social and environmentally responsible.

Mambe’s products are uniquely sourced from the Amazon and is a brand that is committed to making an impact within the Amazon’s local communities and indigenous families.


Mambe's Juice Products

Dried Pulp

Mambe's Dried Pulp Products

Chocolate Bar

Mambe's Chocolate Bar Products

Fruit Pulp

Mambe's Fruit Pulp Products

Economic and Social Impact

Economic and Social Impact images
Mamba supports agro-industrial projects, positively influences remote communities of Colombia, and provides better quality of life for indigenous families.

Notes: Images of Mambe products represent actual products, excluding images of Mambe’s CBD chocolate bars.

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